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Not often we come across the Bachelor’s degree students who would start their own book published. It wasn’t my dream too. But the destiny was different. I can still remember going to the doors of different Book publications of Mysore along with Srivathsa holding the man script of Ahuthi. None of the publishers encouraged us. We were even discouraged by some. This made us start Anugraha Prakashana to bring out my first novel 'Ahuthi”'

After the launch of Ahuthi, We passed through different levels of publication challenges. I mean, in the business end of the publication. But, it was after the launch of the second novel 'Kalbettada Dharodekoraru' we got to know how exactly a book publication works. This second novel made us a real book publisher by teaching us various aspects of a publication.

Bringing out 'Jodpala' was our most difficult times, as we knew we were not students anymore. Also, a lot of expectations were built on us. We worked really hard to bring out this novel. The launch was successful too. The content of all three novels was well received by the readers. A lot of reviews came flowing from all over, which made us dedicate even more for both the contents and the quality of our books. Then came the fourth novel 'Khaidi' which made us one of the best sellers in Karnataka.

It is two sides of a coin for me to be a writer and the publisher at the same time. However, Srivathsa manages the quality and printing aspects most of the time, when I look after each and every word that is going to be printed in the book. Our ultimate agenda is to bring out worthy and quality books through Anugraha Prakashana and also take Kannada books to the next level.


co-founder of Anugraha Prakashana

Not even in my dreams or imagination had I thought of becoming a book Publisher. I feel it’s the Anugraha (Grace) of God who had planned me this, which makes me apt to be a Publisher of Anugraha Prakashana.

The word Anugraha always reminds me of our dear friend Nagaraju, who was there with us from the beginning in our publication endeavors. Unfortunately, he left us all at an early age. His innocence, patience, and interest remain an inspiration for us forever.

Why can’t the Kannada books reach the heights of international publications? This was the haunting question whenever we visited the Book Outlets and looked at the books of various writers and publications. The quality factor always grabbed our attention. We kept asking ourselves this question of Kannada Book Quality. Well... We are definitely in the path of taking the quality of Kannada books to next level. If our publication can play a role in making this dream come true, so be it.

Looking back at our early days, the publication which we started out of helplessness has now reached different heights I feel, with the motto “LET US GIVE BACK TO KANNADA”. Anugraha Prakashana is looking forward to publish more and more books of different writers who are genuine to literature, and also be active in the literary field.

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Anugraha Prakashana which is present in one of the best sellers radar across Karnataka was founded about 5 years ago by Anush Shetty and Srivathsa Sharma, who were then a Degree pursuing students in Maharaja's college Mysore. They started the publication to bring out a Kannada novel 'Ahuti' written by Anush himself. In the following years, the Prakashana has brought out 3 more Kannada novels by the name 'Kalbettada Dharodekoraru', 'Jodpala' and 'Neenu Ninnolage Khaidi'. Anugraha Prakashana is also known for the quality of the books, getting the books printed in the highest ranked Printers of the country. We are also in the process of bringing out more and more books of Kannada writers.


  • 2014 - Ahuti was released by Krupakar Senani
  • 2015 - KBDK was released by B Suresh
  • 2016 - Jodpala was released by Dr. Santosh Hegde
  • 2017 - Khaidi was released by Mr. Nagabharana


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